A Dream To
Toreto embarked on its journey in 2014, aiming to revolutionize the audio industry. We recognized the need for high-quality and affordable audio solutions without giving a hole in the pocket in the indian consumer market. Since then our commitment to making exceptional sound accessible to all has remained central to the journey. That is what made us “Most Promising Brand in Audio Category” at Device Next Summit 2023
It All Began
From the nostalgic buzz of tape recorders to the electrifying beats of our party speakers.
As a family-generated brand with expertise in tape recorders and speakers, we are expanding the boundaries through modern solutions in terms of convenience and affordability enriching the lifestyle experiences. Our sound quality takes precedence, ensuring that every Toreto speaker delivers a captivating and immersive audio experience.
We stand for
Be restless, be lazy
push your limits
take it easy.
Be what you want
We believe that it is very important to live every moment. Go-getters and hustlers also need to rejuvenate, be lazy, party hard and take it easy at times. We want to be that companion who gives you the energy to get up, get back and achieve.

As a brand we want you to be whatever you feel like. We want you to

#BeYou. We want you to #LiveTheMoment but in style.

What's next...
Toreto envisions a future in the Indian consumer gadgets industry that embraces technology, convenience, and evolving needs. Expanding the home audio category to liven up your cinematic experiences. Toreto aims to offer exceptional sound and seamless integration in your daily lifestyle being your companion



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